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High-tech laser and led lighting package systems are used to add dramatic lighting effects to professional Residential Home Theaters, Night clubs, Discos, Stage Shows, Casinos, Theme Parks, Churches, Schools effects. With theatrical stage and show laser lighting equipment you can add an edge to your show that will be unforgettable. Add some fog machines to your laser light show and send your experience to a new level.

From internal programs that move the specialty and theatrical lighting unit(s) with the rhythm of the music to a random movement program that generates movements according to that particular system. Depending on the needs of your lighting system, quite a few options are available for proper and professional setup.

Most of the more advanced lighting systems will also use a 512 DMX control system that lets you control every aspect of the lighting system thru the DMX lighting control board or computer software. This allows for total control over the lighting design and effects, making your project that much more interesting. Our products also include audio and video equipment to synchronize with our Lighting packages for a total audio and visual experience.

LED Stage & Theatrical Lighting
LED Lighting Systems
LED Night Club Lighting, Lighting For Theaters, Bars, Home Theaters, Restaurant, Special Effects And DJ's And More
Laser Light Show Projectors
Laser Light Show Projector
Multi-color High Power Lasers Projectors, Graphic Logo Lasers, Laser Light Show Projectors, DJ Lasers, Concert Lasers, Nightclub Lasers, Night Club Lasers, Theatrical Lasers And Lasers For Movies
Fiber Optics
Bright, Super Flexible Fiber Optics Fixtures, Light Sources, and Curtains for Special Effect Lighting - Perfect For Theater, Stage Props And Costumes
Concert - Theatrical & Stage Lighting Systems
Specialty Products
Lighting Systems for Sconces, Shelves, Wine Racks, Bubble Walls and Signage
Fog - Haze - SFX Machines
Fog - Haze - SFX Machines
Fog Machines Smoke Machines,Low Lying Fog, Smoke, Bubble, Snow, Foam, Haze Machines And Re-fill Liquids and Scents
DMX Lighting Control Boards
DMX Lighting Control
DMX Intelligent Controllers, Multi-Channel Consoles, DMX 512 Recorders, Converters, Relays, Computer DMX Software, Dimmers And Power Packs
Night Club Lighting Systems
Precision optics, rich dichroic colors, and smooth, precise motion control is what these hi-tech fixtures are all about
Dance Floor
LED Night Club Dance Floor.